Flooring it: -22lbs in 4 weeks, Motivation, & Living in Ketosis.

Earlier this year, I started having trouble walking—more specifically bearing weight on my knees. It reached a point where it became excruciating and I needed a battery of tests plus injections. Results showed that I have arthritis in both of my knees, new routines and PT: Imperative. 4 months into this I’ve gone into some… Continue reading Flooring it: -22lbs in 4 weeks, Motivation, & Living in Ketosis.

Counting Calories vs Carbs–my experience

Dieting is almost synonymous with counting calories. Almost every dieting recommendation that I’ve ever heard required it–so much is the case that children know to talk about calories before even learning the definition. …Asking someone for the definition used to be a smart-ass way to provoke a conversation. Counting Calories is effective…Dogma. But how useful… Continue reading Counting Calories vs Carbs–my experience

Why Should I Lose Weight? (The after effects.)

“I now had momentum. My perspective carried weight; It was like suddenly being anointed. I jumped the line—-this alone is a blessing and a curse.” I have a process of thought where I ask what the central solution is—what change can I enact that will affect multiple problems in possibly multiple systems? I always ask… Continue reading Why Should I Lose Weight? (The after effects.)

The Current…

Right now I’m recovering from a total dietary relapse in 2021–after losing 95lbs. I’ve attempted a dozen times to get back onto the routine and continue my progress. At the time, I had litterally 9lbs left before I would hit my target of 175lbs….but I got complacent. Having the ability to control my weight–with routine… Continue reading The Current…

The Story

I was sick, Morbidly Obese, In pain, and had exhausted every ounce of my being correcting it but to no avail. My BMI was over 46. I suffered from Back problems, IBS, endocrine problems, poor cognition, and unknowingly, Sleep Apnea. Every day was a haze and I would barely get out of bed. For breakfast,… Continue reading The Story


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