Flooring it: -22lbs in 4 weeks, Motivation, & Living in Ketosis.

Earlier this year, I started having trouble walking—more specifically bearing weight on my knees.

It reached a point where it became excruciating and I needed a battery of tests plus injections.

Results showed that I have arthritis in both of my knees, new routines and PT: Imperative.

4 months into this I’ve gone into some of the deepest depression of my life. Not being able to do the activities that I love and [having restrictions in-place which limit me as of I’m 75 year old] is enough to drive me crazy.

Worse, it’s summer time.

Early June, I was well done with the first trial of PT and decided to make necessary the changes. Doctors warned me about my weight (inspite of losing alot), weak muscles, and potential for more injuries.

Since early 2021, I had gained 30lbs back from my -95lbs weightloss success–akin to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

My response has been extreme, diligent, focused, and burning with passion.

I put all sugar, carb-laden foods, and non-nutritional foods out of sight and mind. They do not exist.

22hr fasts are my standard and along with taking electrolyte capsules, now integrate more MCT oil in my diet.

In the first week I lost 16lbs. My ketosis strips were damn-near black and the Keto Flu has been real. 3 weeks later, I was down 21lbs. I went to some added PT appointments for my back to find everyone shocks at how fast someone could lose 20lbs.

Saying that “it’s different this time” is a dangerous cliche yet aptly describes the situation;

Pain is an amazing motivator. Being surpassed, heartbroken, or physically hurting is life changing. However, the uncertainty of what this could become if I do nothing….It stops hear.

A person needs to affirm this if they want to change their life.

I’m now strengthening muscles in my abs, back, and legs–weekly workout plans (for exercise almost every day) + recovery and self-administered PT.

Pushing through the pain is now a lifestyle; The weakness, soreness and cotton mouth of Keto + Fasting…the pain of pushing onself to failure during a workout.

Setup correctly, temporary pain endured pays off.

From a the dietary side, a new way to bust through downside resistance has dawned upon me; I’ve never dedicated myself to it seriously until now and so far, it’s working.

More later.

With love,


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