The Story

I was sick, Morbidly Obese, In pain, and had exhausted every ounce of my being correcting it but to no avail.

My BMI was over 46.

I suffered from Back problems, IBS, endocrine problems, poor cognition, and (unknowingly) Sleep Apnea.

Every day was a haze and I would barely get out of bed. For breakfast, I would drink as many Redbulls as I could with a “baconeggandcheese” sandwich and hope it would sustain me…I fell asleep in every class and failed most.

In High School, my first class of the day was gym and I would use any excuse to get out of it. The teacher ran me hard; Activity that was barely formidable for other students would give me chest pains. Though more to the point, it was humiliating.

I walked miles every day. I would elect to run the track, Attempt Ice Skating, and by mid-day, use the Weight Room. After school? workout.

I didn’t mind working out; I rather enjoyed it but it was tough on my body and the work I put in was in vain. I continued to gain fat and by senior year, was put on Nutrisystem by a physician.

At that point I had been well versed in dieting: Weightwatchers, Jenny Craig, 3-day Diets, Cleanses, energy pills, stupid diet tips from TV doctors…I was a trove of information and experience with little results to show. I was unimpressed by the results and always hungry.

Every athletic (or formerly athletic) person that I knew told me it was simple math:

-“Take in Less, and Expend More.”

-“Don’t eat fat and you wont get fat.”

“Cardio is key.”

By the time I was on Nutrisystem, I was blaming myself just like the disappointed people around me–something which continued long after I stopped Nutrisystem and accepted defeat. I was too hungry to diet.

Today, those people ask me how I did it. Many of them who were once slender and complacent didn’t really understand how. This was revealed to me once I cracked the dieting code.

My weight had held me back most of my life and after High School, I was so sick with chronic stomach pain that I wasn’t eating for sometimes a week. I couldn’t sleep and ceased to be functional. I dropped out of college and was in and out of hospitals for the next 10 years.

By the time I was 21, I was so sick that I had lost 135lbs and while I looked slim for the first time in my life, Malnutrition was not a solution. Others told me that getting sick was a blessing in disguise but funny enough, once my symptoms went into a remission, I had started gaining back what would eventually be almost every pound.

By 25, I was 100lbs heavier again and without the wherewithal to stop myself from approaching 300lbs.

It was in this time that I began working on a system; piece by piece. The first victory was learning how to regulate my weight. Losing it however, took another 4 years to master.

Exercise was not the key. Eating Less was not the key. Fad diets or going Fat Free is and will always be useless.

I needed to harness the power of my body’s natural processes and by that, I could lose weight without working out and even on a Full Stomach.

It proved sucessful 😉

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