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What should I like about a diet? (and the Mission)

I am a work in progress and when I say that I know what to do know, it’s more that I know what I’m doing now.

I haven’t lost all my weight. In fact, i’m about 40lbs shy of my target. Inspite of learning how to hack my body for weight loss, better cognition, and energy production, I have yet to scale these processes to their fullest instead, opting for a gradual and somewhat unobtrusive plan.

Why do this?

For a diet to be effective, you have to at least like it. My younger self (like many) didn’t believe this could be possible. The results of dieting are what we love and the process so unlikable that many of us would rather live in pain than change it.

What should I like about a diet?

It’s hard to do anything in life which doesn’t meet this criteria, really. If taking a shower wasn’t simple, satisfying, good for oneself, or an efficient method, I don’t think anyone would do it. But more than that, showering doesn’t seem obtrusive and is in fact so innocuous that many of us don’t even have to think about it; We just do it.

Why start this blog? I want to live this with you. I want you to share your experiences. I want to prove that one of the worst health problems of our time can be fixed by a set of habits so small, they’re not even in need of much thinking…and that’s a start.

It’s not just the weight loss that’s important, it’s the mindset and the person which possesses it that must be maintained. A good dish is made from good ingredients…

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